New FAQs for Trend Following Flagship

Here are some recent questions from multiple readers about Flagship that may help your decision making:

Question: I have just recently come across your website and very interested in knowing a it more about your Trading System package. I have viewed your entire website and the Flagship. I am from Australia, and have been studying numerous hours for the last 6-7 years to find something that is going to work for me, so I can trade the markets and become profitable, but until today still nothing is working for me. It feels like I am going round in circles…I have studied cycles and cyclical analysis and astrology but still have trouble making money, using these methods for trading. By using your Trend Following system and knowledge, [is this] going to help me become profitable? And if so, can you please give me some more information on how your system works and what is involved in learning it. Please provide as much information as possible for me to understand your system. Also what are the steps involved in learning your method?

Answer: Key links:


Those links are mission critical. Those are full descriptions of my world. Questions on anything there?Those links are a lot of detail. To your other points… Trend following is definitely not cycles or cycle analysis. It’s not astrology. Will my trend following program help you? I hope so. It has helped many others. See: /success. Steps involved in learning my methods? See here: /start. Seen all of that? Of course, the quickest way is to jump in with my Flagship product. Questions?

Question: Thank you very much for your reply. I have read and viewed all of your links and information on all the pages. As I have done so for the last few days before emailing you. Thanks. With me having no knowledge of your trend following program nor no knowledge in trading your way. Is it easy basic to learn and pick up? As I am only 28 years old. And what is the time frame going to be for me to learn the system/knowledge and starting to use it? Eg: 3 months, 1 year etc…? Is there any possibility you can send me a few pages of what is involved in the course so I would be able to see what it looks like and so I can see if it’s going to be suitable for me to understand and follow? How does trend following get used? Using normal shares, CFD’s, futures, options etc.? The reason why I ask all of these questions is because I have lost a lot of money trading mainly by CFD’s and not sure if I should change career paths completely. But then again I have always wanted to become a stock market trader and have been interested in the markets since I was young. I don’t want to give up on a goal I have wanted to achieve, but then again I want to be sure that this is going to be profitable and will make me money. I have studied for nearly 7 years, been trying to find answers and I want something that is going to work for me once and for all. Also does the trend following package get sent all by post straight to my door?

Answer: One part of package comes FEDEX to your door. Other parts delivered online. You can trade ETFs, Leaps options or futures. It will be a choice. No CFDs are used. Complete beginners are my clients, many much younger than you. Age is not an issue. I give extra resources for beginners beyond trend following too. Most beginners can learn in less than 90 days. I don’t send out a ‘few pages’ as that would tell you nothing. But as you can see with links provided I go the extra mile to describe.

Question: I just listened on Trend Following Radio. I would very much appreciate receiving the right trend following steps to take, along with your free video, as you have mentioned at the end of episode 439. Thank you so much!

Answer: Steps:


If you really want to go fast Flagship on last link is it.

Question: I have considered many times to buy your flagship program. I have read many of your books. My views on finance are shaped by the likes of popper, Hayek, Taleb, Kanheman etc. So I just want to know if any of your clients are in India whom I can talk to clear my apprehensions. Please help me to take the final step.

Answer: I recently improved the Flagship description here: /products. Take a read. Might help you. In terms of testimonials I do provide 80 pages, but I don’t send random client data out. If my clients give me nice words, I post them. But I don’t burden clients with my requests of them.

Question: Can you let me know your clients in India using your system so I can get a feedback.

Response: I put all feedback in one place: /success. Reviewed?

Question: I just finished “Trend Following” and I’ve been trading for 3 years and this book is exactly what I’ve been discovering the hard way on my own. I’d like to thank Mr. Covel for his insights. I’m interested in the Flagship Program but I’m also using [name]. I’m debating between [name] courses and the Flagship simply because [he] uses [name] so much that it really takes a lot of the excess programming logic out of it for me. I know [name] is COT/Cycle based but he has very specific entry/exit and trend following rules as well. In the FAQ it says, “All systems can be automated” I’m just curious how much excess work this requires on my end? I’m not great at code but I’ve already built multiple systems and I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty and put the hours in, but reinventing the wheel doesn’t sound fun. I’m just wondering how much help we get when going to build our own automated systems off of the statement:

You will receive proprietary Trend Following™ trading systems:

Classic I Trend Following Trading System.
Classic II Trend Following Trading System.
Classic III Trend Following Trading System.
Stoic Weekly Trend Following Trading System.

I’m also wondering what happens if I get stuck coding my system? Where do I turn? This is pretty much the deciding factor for me at this moment so I’m hoping you can shed a bit of light on this subject to aid my decision.

Answer: I don’t provide code for Flagship. Big picture reason why? Trend following is much more than entries/exits alone. The money management and portfolio management of Flagship are mission critical. Those rules are straightforward and programmable. Feel free to follow-up. BTW, I am friends with [name], but our worlds are different. You might have to get us both!

Question: My name is Freddie Watson and I am one of the many followers of your work. I will begin by saying “I am going to become a Trend Following Trader” and I want your help in doing so. I have read your books and I am convinced Trend Trading is by best opportunity to be a successful trader. I have listened to almost every podcast you’ve produced. I will be glad to answer any questions you may have about my background to help you help me determine if I am ready or to help me get ready. I hope that makes sense.

Answer: Again first steps:


Everyone starts there regardless of background.

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