Let Me Repeat Myself… This is Not Day Trading

A recent exchange after a call:

JB: Thank You for your time, Michael. Have a great trip and travel safe.

Mike: Thanks. I am not for everyone. 16 hours per day in front of a screen is not trend following. If you ever want a head start, I can help. But no long drama. In or out. Either way, best of luck.

JB: Is there a way to get a 7 day DEMO? Can you please call to discuss further as I am totally interested. I just arrived in London and would like to get started.

Mike: No. 7 days would tell you nothing. This is not day trading.

JB: Thanks. It makes complete sense what you said. Trend trading system will not reveal anything in 7 days or even 14 days. I had a time to read your book and do some further homework. It is small losses and then BIG winners that go to the distance and that is my favorite call in football when my team run a kickoff for a touchdown. I am interested in purchasing your flagship system. I have to ask you as I am a daytrader and this is my only source of income. I am purchasing this system for supplemental income. I am trading for a PROP trading firm and would like to leave and be on my own in next 15 months.

Mike: If you become a client though please understand I will not relate to or debate day trading perspectives. This trend following is VERY different. I will teach, but it will help if you approach it fresh.

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