No Work, No Reward

Before the purchase of my Flagship program I always recommend background knowledge of trend following. Consider the following as a reminder:

Hi Michael, Nine months ago we exchanged a couple of emails on which you explained your services and told me the differences regarding trend following from other trading styles. Since, I’ve been reading everything I could about trading and of course all your books some of them, twice. I also read your blog back until the date of its birth and I have listened to all the podcasts; Therefore I believe I am ready. Obviously I have doubts and questions to ask but sure they will be solved along the learning process. I would like to pay for the Trend Following™ Premium Flagship by bank transfer if possible. If you could give me the necessary data transfer details (Name, Swift code, etc.). I would prepare for it to be delivered after the holidays here. I understand that the total amount of the transfer would be $2997 + $99 for the shipping to Spain. Please, let me know, if it is correct or more is needed. Thanks. I take also this opportunity to congratulate you for your great work. Warm regards, [name]


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2 thoughts on “No Work, No Reward

  1. I followed you for years before signing up for flagship. Your podcasts and books are almost like a (nearly) free apprenticeship one must complete before buying the course. If I had signed up to your course and then started with a draw down I probably would have thought your course sucked. I’ve now weathered draw downs with confidence in my process and know I have a tool to make money for life – whatever the conditions.

  2. I too read the original book before I bought the course several years ago. I studied the course repeatedly and thought I was ready. I started trading a very small account and realized I wasn’t ready at all because I didn’t have confidence in my system.

    What I started doing was backtesting. I didn’t do it with a computer system though as I knew that wouldn’t give me the confidence. Instead I started paper trading my system for the years 2002 through September 2013 when I started trading for real. I would do it before work and after work, knocking out 3 to 7 trading days every day.

    It was hard work and took me more than two years to do. But it gave me an insight as to how my system would perform and most importantly the confidence in my system and myself. It showed gains way beyond what I expected.

    Since beginning real trading, I recently went through my first drawdown. I didn’t panic because I knew from paper trading, big trends were coming soon and they did. I was recently up as much as 40%. It is now up 30% but I knew I would give some profit back. I know now that there is a cycle of drawdown, big gains, and some reversal because I saw it time and again in my paper trading.

    I can’t say for sure that I will be successful, but I think, based on my prior paper trading, that I will be. There is no substitute for hard work but the confidence gained is invaluable. Thank you Michael for giving me this opportunity.

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