Kind or Rich: Do You Have to Choose?

Feedback in:

I am listening to your discussion with Larry Williams about Ayn Rand while hand drawing charts as a part of a share trading course. I am an Ayn Rand hater and, being what would be described in the civilised world a social democrat (in the US a socialist), politically the opposite of you. You asked for some feedback. Firstly, the rugged individualist laissez faire anti government view seems to conveniently overlook the dependence of economic activity on the provision of infrastructure. Not just physical, but social and intellectual. I suppose you would say that the provision of roads, electricity, water, education etc should be privatised. From my perspective that would be a nightmare. The other major issue is the attitude to the weak, stupid, mentally ill, infirm etc. You are obviously one of life’s winners and you seem to have no understanding of the fact that individuals, through no particular fault of their own, may lack the capacity to be like you. One may have grown up in an abusive environment where their parents beat them and told them they were worthless. They may never have been able to acquire a decent education. Their intellect may never have developed properly due to malnutrition. You would shove all of these into the basket of whining losers who can’t embrace the winning attitude of Ms Rand. I am inclined to show sympathy and try to help them to improve their lives. The problem is the general one of the capitalist free trade ideology. It is great for the winners, but the devil take the hindmost. I don’t want to live like that. I would rather be kind than rich.

I always enjoy a healthy dose of ad hominem and straw man in the morning. Especially from a “nice” guy.

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