Lost, But Searching!


Hello Michael, I have read a couple of the books and have to admit, I am still a bit lost and have some questions. I have a trial account to [name] and tested [some TF methods] there. It reported a 1.2M loss since 1970 compared to buy and hold gain of 757K trading $100 on each signal. If I traded 2%, I had much larger losses. I am not sure if this is a fault of the strategy, the programming or [name], but where else can I back test such a strategy over so many years? Secondly, what platform do you actually use to forward test or trade a strategy? I trade FX on [name]. I trade equities on [name] platform. Is there one platform for trading all markets?


There are many issues associated with a TF system from entry/exit signals, to risk management to ongoing portfolio selection. For those seeking personal support & systems on these issues plus perhaps ideas on 3rd party automation software, my firm handles all through Flagship here. Also, back-tests are always a result of what goes in. If rules, risk management, portfolio selection/re-balanacing are wrong, etc., losses are not a surprise. My firm can also help navigate broker issues. Questions? Feel free to follow up.