“I Get It!”

Seth Godin hits the mark:

“I get it.” No need to read the whole book, I can just glance over the Cliffs Notes… I get it. I don’t need to hear your whole pitch, just show me the summary slide… got it. No, I already heard about your vacation… remember, I saw the Instagram feed. Him, why would I go out with him? I read his match.com profile. You’re probably smart enough to ‘get it’ merely by reading the 140 character summary of just about anything. But of course, that doesn’t mean you understand it, or that it changed you. All it means is that you were quickly able to sort it into an appropriate category, to make a decision about where it belongs in your mental filing cabinet. The best experiences and the biggest ideas don’t fit into a category. They change it. They don’t get filed away, they transform us. It’s entirely possible that you can process and file more information than anyone who has come before you. And quite likely that this filing is preventing you from growing and changing and confronting the fear that’s holding you back. You get it? No you don’t. Not yet. Because all you’ve gotten is a tweet. Read the book. The whole thing. Use the product. A few times. More than a few times. Immersed. It can change you.

Some people ask me for the elevator pitch of my books. They assume I can reduce 80,000 words down to a sentence. That attitude always strikes me as odd. Actually, odd is not the right word. Mindless is better.

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