JP Morgan Employee Speaks Truth

Feedback in:

Hi Mike, I thoroughly enjoyed the [podcast[ quote referring to JP Morgan as “being in a symbiotic, incestuous, union” with the government. The irony is I work for them, and if you have seen the movie Office Space, then you will understand why it was essential for me to become a client of yours…I still dread going to work, but know I that each day I become closer to being free. Your podcast is great, and the comment about day trading being a mechanism for deeper issues was right on point. The gentleman who was offended (but claimed he wasn’t), just doesn’t get it. Will you be having more opportunities for your audience to meet you at events stateside? How much is it to retain your services after the time provided from the course purchase expires? Is automated trading critical to being the next Kevin Bruce or other large trader? I noticed the big trend followers seemed to use or develop automated systems versus manual ones. I prefer manual trading simply since I am not a quant or software programmer, but wanted your take on the matter.

I am always available for 1:1 on events Stateside. Price determined by client need/desire. For support? It is simply the Flagship course again after support finishes. Most people do not need that. If you are trading an end of day or end of week system automation is useful, but not an absolute need. It simply makes the day to day process smoother, but it doesn’t think for you. Hope that helps and feel free to follow-up.

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