Michael Covel Trend Following Film Feedback

Feedback in:

Hello Michael, just watched your documentary entitled Broke:The New American Dream, and wanted to say I thought it a superb piece! I started as a rookie stockbroker in 1986, and went through the 1987 Crash, which ended that job. I went on to be a futures floor trader, and have been working to transition to the world of electronic screen trading. While I think anyone can benefit by watching your film, to those with some real-world trading experience, its message will really ring true. Best wishes for the long Memorial Day weekend.

And another review from over the weekend:

Just received your free copy of Broke, watched it; loved it! It’s kind of funny but sad that you and people like you are trying to educate the masses, but only a small portion will listen and really take action. Learning is hard, doing is harder: it’s easier to just stay with the herd.

Thanks guys. Great feedback. Get it here.