The Rules Are Always Most Important

Some feedback:

Mike. So to be clear. You don’t sell the software itself just the code?

We teach the psychology, philosophy and rules. Those rules can be coded into dozens of different programs and software packages. The key is the rules though. That’s where it all starts.

Ok understood… By the way I should really introduce myself properly. I was a CEO and shareholder of an investment bank in the Middle East (I’m also a UK chartered accountant and a lawyer). I am now retired (53 not 73) and living in Singapore. I have made millions for myself trading FX but I use a sniper approach (don’t laugh). Very simply put I wait till price hits the most significant support and resistance areas (on weekly charts) and then just assume [the] probability is it will reverse direction. I then observe price action and divergences in the shorter time frames and swing the other way if it all stacks up. However, my positions are very large. Usually up to $15 million. The approach I use is obviously discretionary but I suppose I could try to code it (not sure how this could be done as the support and resistance lines are a visual check). I’m interested in your products because I have a 22-year-old son who wants to get into trading and investment full time and I want him to start his education with the right approach and the right people. You know very well there a lot of ‘useless’ trainers and systems out there in the market. Which brings to the subject of the ‘rules’. Are you providing the actual program codes (eg. for Tradestation or MT) or are you expecting your clients to find someone to code them up (which can be frustrating)??


As for code… Yes, we are expecting clients to code the rules we teach [if that is their desire]. Why? There are too many different code formats out there. We do have an option for Flagship clients. We provide Tradestation® code for two separate trend following systems. Hope this helps.

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