Channeling the Good Fight

I am a firm believer in nurture trumping nature (clearly). Hard work & persistent drive beat undeveloped talent–every time. Sure, there will be occasional lottery winners lucky from birth, but that is a real bad plan if you want a lifetime of success. However, can a little genetics help? Sometimes I wonder if my great-great uncle Frank Mast passed a little of the good fight attitude along to me. Asst. State Attorney Mast is captured below with famed crime boss Al Capone:

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Description: Al Capone (Alphonse Capone; 1899-1947), left, American crime boss, who dominated Chicago rackets in the 1920s and early 1930s; he is shown with Assistant State’s Attorney Frank Mast (originally Frank Mastauskas; 1889-1961), who questioned him about any knowledge he might have concerning the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre a few weeks earlier; Capone said he knew nothing about it, condemning the killers: “whoever they might be.” It is widely known and accepted that Capone ordered the massacre of seven members of the George “Bugs” Moran gang, Moran being his chief bootlegging rival at that time. Location: Chicago, Illinois, February 1929.

Note: What is my good fight? A quick read of any of my books, or a listen to my podcast, will give the answer.