“When Did They Give Up?” New Episode from Michael Covel

Feedback in from a reader:

Episode 18 is utterly awesome Michael. I’ve always thought that people that go to & cheer at political rallies, marches etc… are just total f**k ups! I’ve just never been able to put it in such great words that you did around the 10 minute mark. Really took my breath away. I’ve listened to it repeatedly. Still laughing & shaking my head. Tad D.

Thanks. Here it is for those that missed it:

3 thoughts on ““When Did They Give Up?” New Episode from Michael Covel

  1. Michael sorry to say but
    you sound like you are pandering. You are more sophisticated than that. In your
    monologue there are obfuscations and half-truths etc. of your own. It’s frankly
    beneath you. You stating that you don’t agree with Bush era either does not
    lend credence or support to what you are implying now. Clearly Obama was
    talking about the infrastructure be it roads, education, internet, govt loans
    to small business etc. The role of the govt. is a dynamic and dependent upon
    the prevailing conditions. From before Newton to Hawking, (maybe the most
    creative people in the history of the world) oft state “…If I have seen a little further it is by
    standing on the shoulders of Giants.”

    Concerned fan


  2.  One more I saw that is great: “How about that Michael Phelps? But let’s remember he didn’t win all
    those medals, someone else did. After all, he and I swam in public
    pools, built by state employees using tax dollars. He got training from
    the USOC, and ate food grown by the Department of Agriculture. He should
    play fair and share his medals with people like me, who can barely keep
    my head above water, let alone swim.”

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