Pondering the Insanity of Investment Advice

I wonder if the general public will ever really allow themselves to understand that the talking heads, the opinion makers, and the market prediction gurus are not the path to increased profits? The Internet has become a massive pool of opinion attempting 24/7 to explain the market spike of the day. How does all of that translate to profit? It doesn’t.

3 thoughts on “Pondering the Insanity of Investment Advice

  1. Those people that have a good grounding in Austrian economics and value investing principles get little airtime but have a fabulous track record. Just because the majority of discretionary managers and the talking heads dont offer good advice does not imply all advice is bad. The talking heads are paid to entertain… you think Cramer is there for his good track record?

  2. Jonathan, value investing principles is conducive to buying into downtrends. Other than Buffett, who are current day value based managers with “fabulous track records”?

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