What A Deal!

Just received an invite to a seminar (cost $2695) that promises I will “Gain vital insight as we discuss such topics as”:

  • Making Money in 2011-2012: What to Invest in Next
  • Investment Styles and Strategies-Next generation default investment options for DC plans
  • Protecting purchasing power: The case for multi-strategy currency investing
  • Identifying Emerging Talent- Identifying Strategies for Changing Markets
  • New governance rules on Investing in Alternatives: Fiduciary Control and Client Demands
  • SPACs As a Re-Emerging Asset Class: Principal Protection with Equity Upside
  • Emerging Markets: The Next BRIC Thing
  • Private Equity: Is it Time to Increase your Allocation?
  • Managed Futures; the Past or the Future for Hedge Fund Investing?
  • Successful Real Estate Investment Strategies in Today’s Time
  • Alternative Asset Allocation Models for Institutional Portfolios in Times of Academic Re-orientation
  • Socially Responsible Investing

Well, they did toss in managed futures–which could be trend following!

3 thoughts on “What A Deal!

  1. There will be a slew of people from City/County/State investment operations and consultants. They take this drivel and slap their names on it and send it out as “White Papers”.

    If anyone here uses the term White Paper here I’ll slap them. As absurd as all the above sounds, billions of $’s will be allocated based on these “cutting edge” techniques.

  2. I like the “Discovering emerging talent part.”

    I’ve been to seminars in the past where the “emerging talent” was the best PowerPoint presenter with an MBA and a CFA.

    People oooed and aaawed at the quality of his analysis…but what about results? All I saw was a guy who was worse than the S and P for 3 years…but, man, could he speak!

    I’ll give my money to a guy with a banjo and farmer bib (Ed Seykota?) who understands the markets before I’d give it to some MBA slickster who thinks the market owes him something because he spent 8 years in school.

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