12 thoughts on “Warren, Start Writing Extra Checks to the Government. Set an Example.

  1. I can’t believe that Warren just laughs when he talks about how the US can just print money to pay its debts. As if this is something to be brag about. Wow. Hail Mary, full of grace…

  2. Here comes Buffet with his candy bar and his can of Coke to give the market a fireside chat…”I buy good companies at good prices” blah blah blah. Which is great when the market trends up. Why do people worship this guy?

  3. To tax people who make more than 1M? Why is that sound? Class warfare. Why don’t we worry where the money is going as opposed to just trying to raise more now that the bad system is leaking?

  4. No he shouldn’t be applauded…like when he said USA deserves a AAAA rating…really? We are buried in debt, the Chinese own us, we are addicted to entitlement programs, …that deserves AAAA?

    And why should hard working individuals get taxed to death so the Gov’t can piss it away on ridiculous entitlement programs and red tape…

  5. Larry, I think Buffet agrees with you on the fact that government is wasteful in expenditure and overly debt laden. His credit downgrade comment is based on the fact that those ratings refer to the ability for the US to pay their debt back (default probabilities). If there were credit ratings on currency valuations then it would be another story. Of course, practically, currency devaluation should be regarded as a form of default, but that is not what the downgrade was about. More of a downgrade on congress credit.

    What about his comment for social security to be means tested? Quite valid i think.

    Why not credit the man for contributing to the much needed dialogue on fiscal responsibility and governance (or lack thereof)?

    I just think to rubbish him entirely is a little extreme.

  6. Mr. Buffett could be right in saying that he does not pay in % terms lots of taxes. Fine. However instead of writing a cheque to the State that will squander his money in a flash, can I suggest this: with the ‘excess’ money that is such a burden on your conscience be a true patriot. Do something for your country. HIRE PEOPLE. Create jobs, real jobs funded with that money that you would like to pay to the government. Give hope to those unemployed in this way. Do not always advocate the state to do the right thing. Help directly other fellow citizens with jobs. They will pay tax and have a sense of purpose. Makes sense?

  7. The so-called wealthy already pay the lion’s share of total taxes–put the rate talk aside. Buffett wants less spending? So do I. The issue? Raising taxes to collect more proceeds to spend it all in the wasteful ways we spent it to begin with. System reset is needed.

  8. I have lived in Japan for the past 10 years and have just recently returned home for a visit. As I arrived in my home town I noticed the main roads were falling apart. Potholes littered the road and an EMT was putting a neck brace on an unfortunate motorcyclist. The homeless begging for any kind of help. The car dealerships still touting the big gas guzzlers, and the police driving there new 400 hp cruisers. Camera surveillance at every light and most public places. I thought how we spend so much to expand our (US) empire around the globe in a mad dash for commodities and how most of the people of the world despise our country because of our foreign policies in which benefits the central banks and governments throughout the world.
    I guess I am getting carried away again. Totally agree that the solution is not to raise taxes which is also similar to a double edge sword. The house of thieves wearing suits and their bipartisan rape of our citizens and the world needs to be honed down.

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