In the Long Run We All Dead


Hey Mike, I didn’t know about trend following trading in 2008 so I lost big. I learned about it in April of 2009. But one thing I remember about 2008 is all the talking heads on CNBC and other market channels saying things like “The bottom is in”, “Don’t try and time the market” or having someone like Dave Ramsey saying, “I don’t worry about the market because I’m in for the long haul.” But I think the thing that amazes me the most is that even on a day … when the Dow lost 512 points, the same people get on TV and say the exact same things as they did in 2008! You would think after 2 bear markets in the past 11 years that people would learn their lesson. I asked myself, “How many times do people have to lose 50% of their capital in order to finally see what they are doing is wrong?!” Thanks to you I will be better prepared this time around, and if in fact we are heading into a bear market I will be profitable. Thanks for your books and film! -Ryan


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