Silent Support

From a reader:

Hi Mike, at this time I [am] unable to post my real name to a testimonial. The firm I work for Fidelity is, [and] let’s say [they are] sensitive to endorsing products especially investment related products. I would love to publicly write a review for all your books, just not in the cards….yet. I do promote your books and tell all those who talk to me about investing to read your books. I approached our product group about an “Absolute Return Fund” and my idea of how it could work. If you have noticed, Putnam is pushing a few funds. I was given the response “they do not do well during bull markets.” Essentially, during a bull market the channels have a hard time pushing absolute return funds. Even showing returns of those you have profiled and the model I have developed for stocks isn’t enough. Sad to say, I am not surprised. At any rate, I’d rather be in control of my own destiny and doing what is necessary to do my own thing. I appreciate your posts and comments. All the best, enjoy your work. [Name]


One thought on “Silent Support

  1. So, according to Fidelity, all those clients of trend followers should give back the profits made between 2003 and 2007, also 2009 to present. Those were not real. They’re illusory. Why? Because Fidelity said so.

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