Trend Following Study Group

Facebook chat late last night:

Read your book Mike. It serves like a bible to anyone who wants to trade. Thanks for insights.

Which one?

Trend Commandments. We formed a study group, focusing on your thoughts and Dalio’s Principles (Bridgewater). You guys really help us to think.

Thanks. Where are you when you say study group?

We are in Taipei city. We meet once a week to reflect upon philosophical ideas about the world. Surely, investment is part of our agenda. We also study real estate market trends in our city.


3 thoughts on “Trend Following Study Group

  1. Hi Mike,

    This may not be all that important, but it struck me again – the reference to “bible”; the fact that your chosen title is Trend “Commandments”; I have heard the comment before that Michael Covel has followers like “disciples”.

    I know most it is tongue-in-cheek, but you can see how a crafty critic may accuse you of creating an “investment religion”. My answer to that would be that religion deals in “faith” and “belief”, anything else that can be proven, or deals with facts (and hence verifiable truth) is exactly opposite to a religion.

    All the best.

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