Gold Is Not A Buy and Hold Investment

Gold is not a buy and hold asset class (well, nothing is!). Just unreal thinking. If there is no exit strategy before you enter — disaster waiting to happen. Period.

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6 thoughts on “Gold Is Not A Buy and Hold Investment

  1. Tony Rochte is doing precisely what he is supposed to do – promote State Street products. There will always be a segment of the investment community which believes that gold should be a permanent holding in a well diversified portfolio. For us trend traders, there is by definition no such thing as a buy-and-hold asset. I have no problem with the buy-and-hold folks. We need someone to sell to when a trend ends!

  2. At 2:10, what does he mean by no means gold is not an investment for everyone? If it’s going up why would you not want to buy it?

  3. What on earth was that?

    I own SLV and have for the past several months. Look at it using the simple 20 day Price Chammels on a daily chart. Went to the bottom of the channel at the end of January and has roared higher since. Put the 20 day channels in on a chart it is clear as day.

    The 13 year old kid on the left of the video was actually talking about photographic demand and industrial blah blah, and the other Morningstar guy talked about 63 times something else. No idea how those comments can make me money.

    Pull up the chart of SLV and put in the 20 day Price Channels. If you can’t see a trend in that then you will never make money.

  4. This is off the beaten path somewhat but I have to vent.

    Herb Greenberg was on CNBC just now saying that NFLX, OPEN and GMCR area all going to go way down and should be shorted. He has said this for months. His “Analysis” of the “funnymentals” tells him the stocks are worth far less then that are currently trading.

    Short those stocks?! How does he have a job?!?!

  5. I’m not going to get into the issue of “are we headed for a collapse of our financial systems?” I’ll leave that debate for others. But for those who do take that view and want to protect themselves, only physical gold works. The guest in this video makes a reference to using GLD for the “fear” trade. If we really do have a systematic collapse, there will be no way to convert your GLD shares to physical gold or anything else of value. That’s what “financial system collapse” means. But this guy is still willing to promote his GLD fund for the “fear” trade because his company makes money based on assets under management. It’s just one more example that many of these widely quoted financial experts have their finger in the pie one way or another. Stick to watching the price data and what’s really happening in the markets.

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