11 thoughts on “A Scam In Action

  1. Hmmm, maybe I have my dates wrong, but his “100% accuracy” strategy didn’t seem to work in 2010. I wonder how many people in that audience actually did this? I would call this guy a jack-ass, but as Al alluded to above, he’s not doing anything different than the CNBC crowd. Maybe a little more transparent.

  2. Yes Alex. I have most of the tape, unfortunately except for the part where he make the 8 year guaranteed return that fails on year nine. The other parts of his evangelist tent meeting is intact.

  3. Michael, if you want the videos — email me at —. I will zip the files and email them to ya.

  4. I couldn’t find the video because it was pulled, but, while on youtube I found this.

    It seemed strange. So, I was curious and went to his web site. http://www.4exrobotreview.com/

    The site he operates is a reseller of other people’s robots, even though in the video he claims forex TRADING is his sole source of income.

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