Starting Capital: Consider This Determination

Some think they need huge money to start, not true. Here is an interchange with Kevin Bruce:

Covel: So you weren’t starting with any grand amount of money?

Bruce: Oh, no, no, no.

Covel: So your family wasn’t saying here, Kevin, here’s a bunch of money to go trade. I mean, this was like starting from scratch, saving it up and getting your trading account of $5,000 and going at it?

Bruce: Right. And I’ll tell you where some of the money came from. This is a funny story. When I was about 15 years old I would pack a lunch and take it to school and the cafeteria food wasn’t that great back then, so you could buy the cafeteria lunch of 35 cents. So what I would do is every day I’d go in the bathroom and auction off my lunch. And I could usually come home with about $2.

That’s the foundation of building a $100 million dollar trend trading fortune — which Bruce did.

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