One thought on “Blaming the Rat: Incentives, Motivation, and How They Interact

  1. As Mike might put it: Not something to trade from here, but makes valuable management points for those with staff.
    I do think, however, that there’s an over-complication in the article, once the key reference to long-term good has been made.
    Basically, excellent leaders have no conflict between “incentive” and “value.”
    Call it integrity, whatever – others recognize it, sense its fundamental fairness, and its focus on results for all participants.
    Selfishly, if directing others, I’ll just try to add to my personal list of “Self-Respect Items.”
    Seth Godin’s “Linchpin” folks are of this type – problem there being that their Linchpinning can be smothered by clueless people around them, whether Chiefs or Indians.
    Anecdote: Went to school with a daughter of Dr. Skinner, a mild and courteous professor; screaming at mice pretty unlikely.
    Internet rumor-crap, again?

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