Another Fundamental Explanation of Current Trends

Why so much market movement across all classes recently?

Another fundamental view (PDF) to explain current trends.

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2 thoughts on “Another Fundamental Explanation of Current Trends

  1. I don’t know what this tells you about the markets, where they’re going or why. I do agree that our closet socialists (Greenspan and Bernanke) have made a complete hash of things, starting with Greenspan’s “Too Big to Fail” myth in the wake of the Long Term Capital Management debacle, but for all that a body could study that paper until he rots, and not learn a damn thing about what or where to invest or how much.

    Maybe I’m just lazy, but trend following is so much easier!

  2. Once we recognize that trying to predict where the market is going or why, is a “Fool’s Game”, it makes it very easy to ignore the prophets and listen to what the market is telling us, NOW.

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