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Hello Michael, I am [name], graduate student in physics at University of [name]. I am completing completing M.S by December. I am interested in Quantitative Finance field. I have taken Financial modeling and corporate finance and now taking probability theory and time series analysis and also auditing Finance courses. I have started working on commodity hedging project and time series project in R. I seek your advise on how to start my career in the Finance field. I would be grateful if you can help me to get an intern opportunity. Thank You, Regards, [name]

Read my books here. Also, read a healthy selection of other books from that list. Academia? Put that to the side for a while and think about talent. ‘The Talent Code’ and ‘Talent is Overrated’ are both must reads too. If you are really serious my free advice will pay you dividends for a lifetime.

3 thoughts on “Intern Spot?

  1. There is just no substitute for getting your hands dirty and going for it. Find out what you want to do, and then bust your tail to get it.

    I am willing to bet that no successful business person, trend follower or otherwise, settled on sending an email asking someone else to do their work for them. It is nice to have access to people like Michael as a resource, but you have to want it.

    If you spend more time reading, the answer of “what do I want to do” will eventually come to you. But the content of the email makes it seem as if this individual wants to be an employee of “whatever”. Does he want to trade, manage money, shovel s**t for a living; what? Be more precise in your request.

  2. Make lots of money and trade your own account.

    Trading for fundamentalists who haven’t a clue about trendfollowing can be hard on your heart…and theirs.

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