Timeless Makes So Many Scared

I have been thinking about what I do. About what I create. It is all timeless. That is my passion. Timeless drives me, but it doesn’t drive the rest of the world. Most people, especially in the market analysis space, thrive (or survive) on timeliness.

Monday morning, tomorrow, will be filled as usual with talking heads telling you what will happen or why it is happening. They will explain it all with nice prose. We all know many of these people. Many have high IQs and are well known.

However, when someone runs on timeliness there is only so much usefulness in their views. Why? Well, you have to listen to them all the time. How do you learn to do it by yourself if you are forever attached to the next thing someone says? That view of mine puts me in the distinct minority. That view leaves me writing timeless books and directing a timeless film.

That view of mine makes me radioactive to some.

I thrive on that.

One thought on “Timeless Makes So Many Scared

  1. Have you ever thought much about why trend traders are rarely asked by the financial media for their opinions? As a trend trader, I would make for an exceptionally boring interview.

    Interviewer: So Trend Trader, what are your thoughts on gold.
    TT: I am currently long gold.
    Interviewer: How much higher will gold prices go?
    TT: Damned if I know!
    Interviewer: How about equities?
    TT: I am long most major equity markets right now.
    Interviewer: What are the possibilities of a double dip recession that would have a negative impact on equities?
    TT: Damned if I know!

    Unfortunately, much of the television viewing public wants stock tips not trading strategies that require effort.

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