Writer Scott Rubin: Mental […] Feels Good

The title of the article: “Trade Like Hedge Fund Billionaire Paul Tudor Jones.”

So now that you have read that what did you learn? Nothing is the only honest answer.

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3 thoughts on “Writer Scott Rubin: Mental […] Feels Good

  1. Hmmmmmmm that sounds like the only thing the guy knows about Tudor is from wikipedia 🙂
    Paul Tudor Jones didn’t even predict the crash. On his documentary, the crash was somewhere around 1988. Despite that he made a ton of money with the crash. Why? Because he REACT. Point in case: the prediction was completely useless.
    Nowadays the firm is so different from the beggining that we can’t even compare.

  2. Imagine that!!
    If you take this and turn it into a system, it would basically be: get a list of the largest positions held by top dogs and buy them. Then…BOOM, you’re rich. I guess the exit would be when the positions are no longer on the list.
    I never imagined trading like Paul Tudor Jones was so simple!

    I hope this genius isn’t piggy-backing with his own cash or else he’s going to end up a broke genius..

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