The Two Sides of Maria Bartiromo

Maria Bartiromo’s voice mail is in my film and it paints one picture. Now? The following CNBC promotional email was just forwarded to me from a fund manager friend and it paints another picture of Bartiromo:

“A tireless crusader for transparency on Wall Street and a firm believer in the rights of individual investors like you, Maria Bartiromo was a pioneer in opening up the “secret” Wall Street club. Now she’s launching Investor Brief, a free weekly e-letter designed to give you a front-row seat to the most important goings-on on Wall Street. Your detailed invitation follows below. Fellow Investor, The New York Times describes Maria Bartiromo as “An insider” who does “more than her share.” I describe Maria as one of the hardest working people on Wall Street. From top business leaders to powerful politicians to top-tier investors, her Rolodex is stuffed with the names of men and women you should listen to. In recent issues of Investor Brief, Citigroup CEO Vikram Pandit discussed the future of Citigroup and the top issues facing the financial sector; NYU economist Nouriel Roubini talked about the possibility of a deeper recession and further stock market declines; and former President Clinton spoke with Maria about financial reform, Goldman Sachs and the Federal deficit. On-air, Maria has gone one-on-one with Hank Greenberg, Carl Ichan, Steve Forbes, Larry Summers, Charles Schwab, George Soros, Boone Pickens and Bill Gates — among dozens of mover-and-shakers. Who else might pop up in your weekly Investor Brief? Hot-shot CEOs of the top global brands and seldom-interviewed, but top-ranked money managers — the world’s best investors, sharing their thoughts with you. After all, good investing is more than just “buying stocks.” You need to understand what’s happening in the world — the news and the back-story. When someone like Russia’s President Medvedev shares his views on oil prices or the U.S. dollar, you can bet Maria pays attention. Investor Brief is your ticket to a world that most investors never get a glimpse of. Maria will share her experiences. You’ll get her analysis, opinions and knowledge from the real experts in the economic, investing and political worlds. Plus she’ll share fun tidbits she hears behind-the-scenes. I guarantee you’ll be both educated and entertained. And you’ll come away each week with a better understanding of how this crazy world of investing really runs. She’ll tell you which economic reports will move the market that week and why. She’ll outline the week’s key events — from testimony in Congress to Federal Reserve meetings and beyond. And she’ll alert you to earnings reports that could boost, or drop, the stocks you own. One of the rewards of Maria’s job is being able to pick the brains of today’s most renowned “investing masters.” When you get to hang around with legends like Larry Summers, Bill Gates and Martin Feldstein, you can’t help but gain unprecedented insight into the inner workings of today’s market. So in each issue of Investor Brief, Maria will share the lessons she’s learned from the very best minds in the investment business. For example, everybody knows the Federal Reserve sets interest rates, but few people ever give it more than a passing thought. Savvy investors don’t take the Fed’s statements at face value. They ferret out valuable intelligence — and make smarter investments — by watching a few key steps in the process the Fed uses to reach their decision…Having watched Maria preparing for her first issue of Investor Brief, I can tell you that it’s her passion to take what Wall Street’s top professionals teach her every day and pass it on to you in clear, jargon-free English that will make this e-letter a “must-read.” This special invitation is 100% free…You’ll enjoy exclusive features, not available anywhere else. Investor Brief is Maria talking with you, one-on-one, about the off-air side of her work life — sharing photos and casual conversations she has with the people who make today’s news. Through Investor Brief, Maria will introduce you to the most-respected men and women in the business and investing communities. Her hard-hitting interviews will give you access to the best current thinking on what is happening on Wall Street and Main Street today. Send Maria questions, she’ll get you answers; learn valuable information Maria gets from CNBC guests off-camera; and much more…P.P.S. If you have friends or loved ones who might benefit from Investor Brief, feel free to forward this invitation. They are welcome to join free, as well.”

What can I say. Bullshit is bullshit.

8 thoughts on “The Two Sides of Maria Bartiromo

  1. Before I finished the column I was already think “what a bunch of bs”. Glad you said it at the end.

  2. That’s a hardcore marketing pitch. And it works… far too many people get lured into stuff they’ve had better never heard of… it just makes ’em losing their money (sad!)… but at least the text is right about ‘You will be (…) entertained’ by Maria and CNBC.;-))

  3. The media cultivates and herds the sheep right off the cliff. Maria is doing an outstanding job.

  4. “Maria Bartiromo was a pioneer in opening up the “secret” Wall Street club”???????

    Sorry to have confused her with Richard Ney.
    My bad.

  5. Whenever these useless prostitutes use the word “Secrets” or “What the big guys on Wall Street don’t want you to know”, please grab your wallet and run far away. The word “sell” is not part of her vocabulary (check out her husband’s firm). But they do know how to tell you what to buy for the “rest of today’s trading”.

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