This came into me:

“Dear Mr. Covel, Being actively involved in Trading/Investment industry you might be interested in becoming aware of 11 new scientifically researched Elite Patterns for ETFs and stocks. Specialness of these patterns is that they potentiate great profit in a short period of time. More than 12 million intraday sessions for ETFs, leveraged ETFs and stocks were analyzed before Elite Patterns were selected. Instead of analyzing traditional patterns, researchers used raw data, i.e. one-minute price and volume data, to discover highly profitable intraday patterns. Addressing you as a trading/investment professional we consider you would like to try a W-long pattern on our website for free. We appreciate your business opinion and looking forward to your feedback.”


4 thoughts on “Drivel

  1. I get a couple of these a week. Have you ever noticed the offers follow the same pattern…

    1) Recently discovered
    2) Through extensive and breakthrough research
    3) Will be shared by this genius with no more than 250 people
    4) Only the one on one time with the genius is worth thousands and you get 1 hour for free.
    5) Others are already making millions (presumably less than 250 people)

    Makes me thinks there is one big organization behind all of these cons.

  2. I’m listening to the book CD’s “No one would listen” story of Bernie Madoff’s heist by Markopolos. Amazing story from a guy trying to expose the scam but the govt wouldn’t take action.

    The key message is don’t trust incredibly consistent, low volatility strategies! Reminds me of the line in XMen to paraphrase – “Don’t trust a beautiful woman, especially if she is interested in you”.

    Hope some of you read or listen to the CDs for this book.


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