The Tipping Point

Put aside everything.

If you want to trade, be a trend follower, but let’s put that aside for a second too.

When does the economy recover? I don’t see it. On the backs of iPhone sales and tequila shots (no one ever stops drinking even when the economy is dead)?

Not happening. Let’s be straight. It all comes down to the millions upon millions of people who believe two precepts:

1. Real estate always goes up.

2. Stocks always go up.

When those people have their Aha! moment — we will be at the tipping point. “But, Mike the President talked about getting rid of fossil fuels soon and that will create millions of jobs.”

Look. I see pigs flying.

3 thoughts on “The Tipping Point

  1. Hmm. Do we hear a few oinks?

    Re. Precept 1: Where, & for how long?
    Re. Precept 2: Which, & likewise?

    Is there a Precept/Belief 3. (for traders, if not the public): “There will always be a trustable currency, somewhere? With safe places to stash profits, when successful traders, &/or others, may wish to actually use their ‘money?'”

    Debating 1. & 2. without some attention to 3. seem a bit surreal?
    As in “Green jobs,” is the answer, etc., as Mike mentions; or, central bankers will bring us to salvation?

    If civilization muddles through, without major crack-up (wars, etc.), humbly following the trends is probably going to prove to be life-saving; & if we miss big disasters, nice to know we can ignore Precepts 1. & 2., even 3., and just grow some wealth right along.

    Glad to be an apprentice Turtle, personally.

  2. I would like to know how all the adamant, arrogant anti-oil folks plan to power an 18 wheeler loaded with groceries along our interstates to the nearest Publix so we can all eat? Figure that one out and then have something to say. Until then you are just “noise” pollution.

  3. I would bet on a continued oil-age. Green means clean use of oil: less consumption, less soot, more and more power for the gallon.
    Actually, the good message is totally overseen: somebody drills into the shelf and there is more methane and oil we can think of. Let’s do everything to channelize it, instead of beating managers, and condemn oil and risk taking. There is no achievement whatsoever without risk taking and failure from time to time.
    BTW, Fossil oil? Really?
    Just speculating.

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