6 thoughts on “No Clue

  1. I read Barry Ritholtz’s solutions to “financial reform”. And one of the things he mentioned was “financial experts” should have their buy and sell call history posted whenever they do an interview making predictions. I think politicians should have video clips (such as this) whenever they are speaking on the floor of the House, campaigning, etc. They should have to explain themselves. Now, I’m sure that some of these gifted politicians would still be able to weasel their way back into office (I mean, look at the mentality of our fellow citizens), but, if not for anything else, it sure would be good entertainment.

  2. Good point Todd.

    But in terms of buy/sell call histories you probably know my view there. ‘Stock tips’ (the correct name for ‘buy/sell calls’)…are junk.

  3. Any kind of stock prediction/tip is junk, no doubt. But, I think it would be hilarious to watch Cramer honking his horns and banging on his buzzers all the while, a list of his horrible “tips” is streaming across the screen like the stock tape.

  4. This is very funny Michael, as at a recent interview, a cuople of weeks on CNBC, he said that he was against home ownership, and preferred renting, as a solution for housing for those with low incomes !

  5. I’d love to ask Mr. Frank, or any other politician or the supposed expert prognosticators, “How do you know when something is excessive?” Obviously market concerns weren’t excessive in 2005, but “substantial excessive inflation of home prices” was rampant. Mathematically, wouldn’t my leverage be infinite if I have no equity and take a 100% loan to value ratio loan?

    Oh yea, that’s why US debt is through the roof and we can’t balance a budget.

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