‘Broke’ on Campus

Feedback in from my recent DVD offer:

Here is the picture of the main entrance of my university with the ‘Broke‘ DVD case as you requested for the complimentary copy of your documentary. Thank you for the free DVD. I really enjoyed your film and have found it (and your work in general) exceptionally enlightening. In particular I liked your Austrian/Libertarian perspective which is hard to find these days. I’m surprised you didn’t include any Ron Paul clips as he appears to represent very similar ideas. At Saint Mary’s I’m a member of IMPACT. This is a student run investment fund where I get the chance to work with some exceptionally bright people. However the concept of trend following is a little lost on most them. Here are some of the funnier rebuttals I’ve received:

– LTCM blew up using a mechanical trading strategy
– John Henry is in the middle of a lengthy draw down
– Day trading is risky.
– You make more money timing tops.

Once again thank-you for the complimentary copy of your DVD. I appreciate the resources and insight you provide and, as always, will continue to refer others to your website. Robert B.

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