Could You Imagine Betting Your Life Savings on This?

I like much of what these guys do on Tech Ticker (i.e. the Libertarian economic angles), but some of the guests are pathetically awful. Often it becomes exactly what I rip in my film.

One thought on “Could You Imagine Betting Your Life Savings on This?

  1. Sadly enough, but lucky enough for trend followers, most of the people are ready to follow this type of analysis all day long.

    Hypothetical question: it’s Jan 1, 2009 and one knows that the Dow will close at 10,500 on Dec. 31, 2009. What would be the most optimal way to play it without having a 20+% drawdown? Some people would say “it’s easy, just buy double or triple ETF for S&P 500”, but by doing this, you wouldn’t have made it when the market collapsed into early March.

    Not an easy task after all.

    This is where trend following philosophy comes into play, making predictions look foolish. It’s all about positive expectancy system, proper position sizing and portfolio risk controls. Everything else is a noise.

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