Rewrites Inspired by “Crush It”

I read a new book today called “Crush It”. Quick read. It inspired me to rewrite my “description”. Better?

7 thoughts on “Rewrites Inspired by “Crush It”

  1. Such a surprising timing! I just found out about Crush it and Gary V. last night (never heard of before)…

    I like your updated description. I checked against your old one in wayback machine and it is actually much better – sounds more personal, involved, but also demonstrate credentials more clearly (but without sounding pompous). I guess the book teaches how to show more passion and it shows in your page…

    I really enjoy reading your books (and you definitely are the trend following “poster boy” – I’ll give you that) but if I can though: there are still some “mysterious” parts about Michael Covel I wish could be answered in your “About” page (i.e. what led you to the Turtles/Trend Following in 1996 – what was your background then?).
    Also, and this is not personal, but there is always some suspicion on authors selling books and courses but not publicly displaying trading track records or managing a fund. I know you personally explain doing this as a way to educate people but this is still a nagging point for me to buy 100% your message (I’m close to 100% though 🙂

    I, for a start, blog under a pseudonym so I’d understand if you want to keep some things private, but I think even more transparency would help people in general to accept your message even more..

    PS: are you planning a review of Crush it by any chance? Anyway – seeing your improved description page speaks for itself!

  2. I agree that I can add more and more of my bio, but there is more of my early bio in my ‘TurtleTrader’ book (i.e. finding the Turtles) and of course I list schools attended (big deal!), but trying to satisfy every skepticism or criticism, some of them occasionally inane, would cause me to end up in a padded white room! I do what I do for everyone to see and have addressed these types of concerns publicly many, many times before. At the end of the day people need to accept my content with the old maxim “trust, but verify.” But at some point if my story and not the content is stopping anyone from being a trend follower there are much larger issues at play that they might want to work on!

  3. Michael – good point on the “trust and verify” principle.

    I actually did note the addition of the schools in your new bio…

    And I’ll take your point on the last sentence too – probably some truth in it – that I need to work on.

  4. One thing that I have not put out there yet in painstaking detail is every tip, trick and technique used to acquire information and or develop relationships with key players. That story is crazy fun!

  5. I bet it is/was fun! Eager to see it published one day! 😉

    Might be a good way to illustrate your point about saving people time by having this website+books (as per one of your last post)..

    As Larry Hite said in his Preface: you can spend 3 decades learining about it yourself.. or read Trend Following in a few days…

    I think that sort of argument definitely hits home with me (whereas I am usually not very enclined to separate myself from hard-earned money when I can do it myself.. But trying to change to be more efficient).

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