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21 thoughts on “Trend Following Charts

  1. Tell us all about trades you are doing in the NOW.
    This way we can all see just how good a trader you are!!

    You do tell a good story.
    And state the obvious most of the time.

    You cannot make money unless you follow a trend.
    It may be a 1min,1hr 1day,1 week,1 month 2 min,2 hr etc etc.
    Why say 100 words when you can get away with 1000?

  2. Anyone one can complain that this is hindsight, or just a pretty way of trying to prove trendfollowing works in all kinds of markets. But, I trade SSFs with a trendfollowing strategy, and it was kind of cool to see the first chart, AAPL. I went long AAPL at the open on March 23 after receiving my signal the night before. What’s great about this? Trendfollowers will get together, eventually. I just didn’t know it would be pretty much on the same day.

    Thanks for the charts Mike

  3. Chris, I trade my own account, but I do not hold myself out as a fund manager. Not my goal. These charts were posted to give people food for thought.

  4. Amazing to note that virtually every chart showed the “Buy signal” then the price went the other way for a brief period before heading in the preferred direction. Makes the case for using ATR to account for volatility and hang in the trade.

    Thanks for pulling together this grouping of charts. Obviously, since March, many charts look good. But, still takes guts to take the signals and go short last Fall and take the signals and go long this Spring. The talking heads didn’t see either coming. I, for one, am learning the wisdom of the systematic trading signal!

    Thanks Michael

  5. I believe in TF and build systems around the same concept. But posting these charts hardly makes any sense than showing how the survivors picked up from their lows.

    I believe the simple logic behind the system is to buy / sell when there is a new Local high / Local low higher / lower than the previous peak. But if the system is run against say all major stocks (Russel Index components for example), it will give more than a single buy. Only in hindsight can we see which went on to make great buys and which fell by the wayside even though it at that moment would have fulfilled the requirement.

    I know Covel has no need to show real time results to public, but without any real time / third party validated proof, how is this any different from the thousands of websites that claim to help you make money by the bucket full.

  6. There is a big difference from these thousands of websites you refer to Prashanth. You have to take my posts here in the context of what I have written and produced in terms of my books, websites and film content. If you don’t you are left sounding as if you are searching for the Holy Grail! I have helped thousands of people for over a decade. This isn’t about secrets. It is about giving people a head start and insights into my research efforts. I give away a ton free and for some things I charge for my insights. No apologies there!

  7. Everything trends whether or not you can make money on those trends depends on number of factors. Michael how often would you have been stopped out of Apple on the move up?

  8. I believe that those who want to be spoon fed specific trades do not understand anything about the psychology of trading.

  9. Darren,

    According to his specific method on the TF methodology, Mike doesn’t use stops, so he would not have been stopped out of any trades on Apple. TF works, but the abiliy of the trader is by far the dominant determinant of success. Give TF to ten different people and you’ll see 10 different results….including some outright failures.

  10. Peter, no one can trade everything. You need to have a portfolio to track narrowed down by criteria. From there you take signals. These charts are just to get people thinking.

  11. I understand the context Michael. You are trying to show that TF works and personally I have no doubts that it works and works great.

    But just posting charts does not do any justice. Its the same as showing selective options which if purchased would have yielded 100%+ in a single day. Does that mean that any Tom, Dick and Harry could mint money buying options?

    Trend Following is NOT a easy method to follow and there will be a lot of hurdles. Your post tries to show that it as if picking up those trades would have been very easy which I am trying to say is not.

  12. Prashanth, “not easy” compared to what? More “hurdles” over what? Posting charts ABSOLUTELY serves a purpose as it gets people perhaps less familiar with the method than you to think about the big picture. And yes I do believe any “Tom, Dick or Harry” can be a trend follower!

  13. Thanks for the replies.

    “not easy” compared to what? > Not comparing, but just because one is a trend follower does not mean one can achieve success easily.

    “hurdles” over what? > Its easy to say using hindsight that If I bought here or sold there, I would have made great money. Its quite another thing to actually take the decision to do that at that point of time.

    What I am trying to say is that making money using any strategy is never easy. The charts you posted are those where there were no whipsaws and had a one way trip.

    If life was so easy, you could have answered all your critics by providing some real time calls on stocks that have given a Buy according to your criteria. But it isn’t so. There will also be a lot of stocks which gave buy signals and then reversed / hung around with no directional bias.

  14. Critics are not my worry. There will always be critics no matter what you do. Your points continue to ignore all of my work in the field. We can agree to disagree.

  15. This Charts was just what I needed after I read the book. It was Just Posted for me!(and that after trading sucsesfully for the last 12 years on EMA’s) Thanks Micael

  16. Michael, looks like a lot of people who make this comments did not read your books or not trying to understand what it’s all for and how they can use it!
    Thank you!

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