Propaganda Pawns

I don’t care what the issue is. I don’t care if it is on the right or left, but using kids as propaganda pawns gives me a sick feeling. And trust me I am sure there are examples on both sides, but it just so happens I saw this one this morning.

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  1. On another forum that I frequent, there is a thread currently that is deploring the use of school kids to sing the praises of Obama. And there are several videos showing it being done in several schools across the US. Kind of reminiscent of what communist Russia and China used to do and probably still do.

  2. Can someone tell me why medical insurance is not covered by your employer for almost 100% coverage? Walmart & others not paying medical is not bordering with criminal, it IS criminal!! There are in US at max 22% of unemployed if you take all the undisclosed data, that is 25-10 million people not having quality medical. But it’s not the problem with 25-30 million unemployed, it’s the problem with other 120-140 million employed ones that are not taken care of properly. It’s like having an building with semi-destroyed base pillars. Scandinavia is socialistic (socialism is not equal with communism) yet they have one of most vibrant economies in the world. US is heading the wrong path either way.. and will drag the rest of the world with them into oblivion.

  3. This is nothing new. Two differences nowadays, it’s never been this blatant in the past, and most people don’t agree with the extreme shift in ideology. The U.S. Department of Education has always been in the business of indoctrinating children (but this is ok because it’s a private school?). They should be teaching the little bastards how to read, write and follow the trend.

    This is just another media diversion served to irritate the conservatives and moderates. Be worried when the mainstream media begins talking about DOW 20,000.

    Michael Moore on Phil’s gang

  4. Dan K,

    Are you coming to the conclusion that because kids, in school, are singing songs about health care reform, and the Department of Education is indoctrinating those kids? Tell me how that makes any sense. Also, I like how you ended the first paragraph with teaching kids to “follow the trend”…you weren’t trying to appeal to a certain Author of these comment pages were you? Scandalous.


  5. patrick is an idiot. the scandanavian example is like me saying i flipped a coin 4 times and it came up heads all 4 times, therefore, heads must always be called. the MOST vibrant economy in the HISTORY of the world is the US – NOTHING is even remotely close. and the US did that through great INDIVIDUAL ideas, not collectivist socialist ideas.

    and to jake, when is that last time a network put on school kids doing a skit song or whatever for a current political movement? if you dont see that, you’re also an idiot with blinders.

    and to the song by the indoctrinees, if they think hospital lines are long now, wait til the government runs the system.

  6. Sandwah,

    I think you meant when is THE last time…not THAT…Proofread your post so that it makes more sense.

    I was only asking for clarification, but you want to make it personal, I suppose I will let you troll me. First of all those kids are apart of the Ron Clark Academy which, and correct me if I am wrong, is a private school. SAY WHAT? So now that you have asserted that the Department of Education is to blame for kids being taught to love obamacare by using an example from kids who attend a PRIVATE school, which by the way is not apart of the what? Bueller…Bueller…Bueller, right it is not apart of the DOE. Your rational basis to your claim is just as invalid as the proof unicorns exist. Now you have to prove that you are smarter than a 5th grader…and show your work!

  7. This is not a right/left debate folks. It is a propaganda debate. If someone has video from the right just as disturbing, please post it.

  8. It is being used as propaganda, by CNN or other news outlets, not the DOE. I never made this about left or right, and to say I am is an outright lie. I started out pointing the the fallacies in Dan K’s original post and then making a mockery of Sandwah’s post. What in my remarks pointed to a left right debate?

  9. Jake, I am not sure you are following me. I said the head of the Department of Education is a political appointee. That applies to either side and whoever controls power. My point was education is indeed political in America regardless of who holds the power reigns. I don’t want kids singing odes to Obama anymore than I want them being taught that Noah was on a big ship with two of each Trex’s, goats, cock roaches, etc. There is nothing “noble” about public education in America — its politics.

  10. Mike, I think you are missing my point. Education may or may not be about nobility, I honestly don’t know. Education can be about politics I agree with you on that assertion, but how is that “Indoctrinating” ? Are kids being systematically taught to love Obama or love the leader? To see that video, then to somehow make the connection that the DOE was behind this, and then make that “logical” step to: they are indoctrinating our kids, how does that make any sense? I think everyone here is really mad at CNN, not the DOE, not Ron Clark. I think this goes back to your message that the media outlet is just noise and they will do anything to stir it up.

  11. I am not talking about whether that video was done by a private school or not. The video is wrong because adults and media pros used those kids — period.

    In terms of education and politics, if one acknowledges that education is political (which it is from grade 1 through college), I am damn comfortable adding the word indoctrination to the mix — either on the left or right depending on who is doing the “teaching”.

  12. I know. The point is CNN is churning kids to play the feel good card so viewers can be entertained and dulled down.

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