4 thoughts on “New Review of “Broke”

  1. Excellent review – too bad the majority of people watching the films will watch and believe MM’s presentation.

  2. Hey I think I like that lady.

    One of the things that I find the most annoying about the whole “credit crunch situation” that we are in is that it seems ok just say ” I am stupid and don’t understand ” and that’s it….then it is all someone else’s fault.

    If people would take a bit of responsibility for their own actions the world would be so much better.


  3. “The danger in this statement is that it makes viewers think that America can be whatever the voters want it to be. Not true!”

    This sounds un-democratic to me. If someone has a problem with voters voting for what they want, then I would say they have a problem with democracy.

  4. Good point Ken. There is no doubt that we Americans like our democracy, but other groups of people might put one together that we might not like! Or eventually we might change the democracy we started to resemble a very different one. But then again, America is a representative democracy.

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