Review of “Broke: The New American Dream”

Feedback that came in last night:

Michael, I watched your film last night, and I must say, you did a fantastic job. I was seriously impressed by the effort you put into it. The number of locations you shot at was enough to impress me, (Tokyo and Singapore!!!) but combine that with the the vast array of interesting people, old-school financial clips, and compelling stories, and all I can say is wow! But aside from that, the content of the film is really what shined. My girlfriend, who typically isn’t interested in financial TV, watched your film with me and she was riveted the entire time. You educated viewers about the nature of markets, and then showed how those markets can often go to unsustainable extremes in either direction. There were quite a few bits of real wisdom in there as well, combined with some serious moments of sobering reality. The scene where you’re driving down the street gazing at one empty house after another is enough to make any potential real estate investor think twice about what he’s getting himself into. As a trader myself, and as a person who runs a website for traders, I really enjoyed the parallels to trading that were brought out by industry heavyweights and even the poker stars … and others. They exposed things about risk and money management that every new trader should know before they make their first trade. In fact, your film should be required viewing for every person who wants to open a brokerage account. It would save a bunch of people a lot of time, effort, and money investing in marketplaces that they have no business being in. Again, great job and I look forward to the next one.
Baron Robertson

3 thoughts on “Review of “Broke: The New American Dream”

  1. Ditto Baron! Michael, you really did a fantastic job on the movie. I ordered it the first day the order form was available, and just like Baron, I watched it with my wife. She usually rolls her eyes at my choice of media (T.V. or print), but she has told her family members about this movie. I’m sure it’s selling like hot-cakes, but you’ll have more orders soon just from my wife’s word-of-mouth.

    Again, Great Job!

  2. I just purchased the movie tonight and cannot wait! Hope it does not take too long to reach South Africa.
    Having seen the trailers im sure it will be worth the wait!

  3. Mike: I watched the movie last night – I intend to watch it at least twice again in the next week.

    I thought you went a little overboard on the archival footage, but it was entertaining! The interviews were really telling. I have a lifelong friend who tried to get me into real estate investing in 2006 and wondered why I did not think it was a great idea – I wonder if he is working at a gas station now and living out of his car?

    Interviews with professional gamblers were some of the best. They understand risk vs. reward and how to take a loss and keep on going. We had exchanged emails about a gambler-turned-trendfollower a couple of years ago – professional gambling apparently develops the understanding of risk and how to get out and keep out of a losing position.

    The piece on the lottery was precious.

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