4 thoughts on “Deflation Fear

  1. 80 million baby boomers would have needed 50 trillion in social security and medicaid entitlements. Pay in to pay out would be upside down in 2017 and cost 200-300billion a year starting in 2020’s. This economic collapse is not a problem it is the planned solution. Now that their retirements are looted they will work more years as the batteries paying into the system.

  2. This year the star of the baby boomers drawing from their retirement accounts will put additional stress on an already stressed out social security admin. Also don’t forget the mandatory withdrawals from retirement accounts, IRAs, 401s etc. …. that is what’s left of them…… pretty good way to keep people working huh?…. just blow up the stock market, now alot of those that were hoping for golden years in retirement can look forward to working till they are dead.

  3. that’s all it is is fear. Deflation would require the monetary supply to contract, that is not happening nor will it happen under bernanke.

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