9 thoughts on “Deflation v. Inflation: Who Knows!

  1. There is just too much junk value pumped into US economy that it’s going towards the path of no return. Obama & administration are hoping for the light on the end of the tunnel but that light on the end of the tunnel is not sunny day light but heavy fright train speeding towards them at 100 mph.

  2. When it comes to making money, Shilling’s predictions are useless. He was predicting a housing crash since 2002!

    I have no idea what will happen, but if I had to guess I would say 1% inflation per year average for the next 10yrs. Why? Because that’s what the market is saying:

  3. I don’t like the term deflation. I prefer to stick to inflation meaning the amount of money printed. With QE being done in the UK and the “Fed” talking about doing it sooner than later I think it is clear where this is headed.

    While consumer spending has tanked – thanks to debt cold turkey – we have asset deflation.

    Once the momo’s print enough money out of thin air we will have the definition of a devalued dollar and everything will cost a fortune. You don’t need money out of the commercial banks to destroy its value.

    These guys should be on Cramer.

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