The Worst

Literally the worst business people ever?

“Just how bad a situation the automakers are facing was hammered home on Friday, when GM reported a 2.5 billion dollar net loss for the third quarter, bringing to nearly 57 billion dollars its losses since the beginning of 2005″

$57 billion? Come on. You have to be kidding that this nonsense is even a business still.

One thought on “The Worst

  1. I think that they should close down! In Canada, they have been losing money as well and have for many years depended on government assistance to stay in business.

    Why is it that if I need money due to unfortunate circumstances in my life, the government gives me a hard time and for them, it is no problem. I think that this type of corporate welfare has to stop! No more money should be given to them to stay afloat and no more delayed loan payments and tax payments. They should pay on time and be able to stay on their feet like every other common person out there.

    In the Bible it says that there is a time to be born and a time to die. If it is this company’s time to die, then it should die just like every other entity on this planet.

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