Bill Dunn Survives and Thrives

Bill Dunn’s WMA trend following fund, trading since 1984, was up +21.09% for the month of October 2008 and is up +36.98% for the year of 2008. Maybe he goes up from here, maybe he goes down, but his track record, even while volatile, should be the envy of many.

For those out there who want to discount this performance, for those who want to discount my profiling of Dunn, for those who want to yell “it all doesn’t matter because of survivorship bias!”, get real. If you can’t learn something from this performance, if you can’t grasp the relevance of his long term track record, if you can’t digest the importance of his October 2008 performance in the wake of Wall Street melting down, well, I can’t force you to see the light.

4 thoughts on “Bill Dunn Survives and Thrives

  1. Come on Mike…it was ALL luck. The programs he trades/are involved with are up 37 to 84% for the year. Big deal..he has been around since 1984. His returns over time are huge.

    Why would anyone want to invest with him?

  2. Sorry Michael. I was being VERY sarcastic. I think if people read my previous posts they will see I am a huge fan of trend followers. I have been trading for 16 years and the guys who I have admired and modeled my trading style from are guys like JWH, Dunn, and others.

    Sorry for the sarcasm.

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