Fraud Detector: A Chart

Even if you did not know this about Indymac their chart told you all you needed to know. Same deal as with Enron the chart was ahead of the “oh we were so shocked at the fraud after the fact revelations” curve. You can only trust the price. I know that is an un-sexy message, sorry.

2 thoughts on “Fraud Detector: A Chart

  1. The price is a very sexy thing to me Michael.I’ve so much enjoyed your books and website.Thank you for helping me.Keep up the good work.John

  2. Michael…I’m a trader who has thoroughly enjoyed your books and your newsletter online. I cannot vouch for Karl Denninger because I do not know him – this was sent to me by my sister. However, it is extremely well-written and presented. I wish I could be as sure of the facts he presents, but I just have no way of knowing. I think it makes a heck of a read, and it just might be right on. Too bad our president is slipping away from doing the right thing and allowing the other side to start taking us down the financial ruination road. The bill to “rescue” the executives, the bankers, FreddieMac, FannieMae, et al, passed already, so it’s a bit late, but one who diligently reads this will perhaps get a better grip on what’s going on.

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