From A Spring 2008 Graduate

From a reader today:

Hi Mr. Covel, I have been meaning to thank you for a while now, and because I just found out that a friend of mine at [College Name], [Name], is a family friend of yours, I am finally doing it. This past summer, I was at the bookstore and came across your first book, Trend Following and I really liked it. I started reading your Blog, and later subscribed to your Podcast (I went back and listened to every single Podcast you have made). I also picked up the Complete TurtleTrader. All the knowledge that I acquired from your material helped me a ton with my Finance interviews this past Fall, and ultimately helped me land pretty much my dream job (Assistant Trader at […], which is a proprietary trading firm/hedge fund in New York; I will basically be getting paid to learn from professional traders for 2 years). At my interviews I was able to talk about trend following and the idea of buying high and selling higher and shorting low and covering lower (which obviously goes against what I had previously been exposed to). Who knows if this ends up being the foundation for my trading philosophy (I will be trading equities, so chances are it may not), but it was your engaging and easy to read books that got me thinking about different types of trading philosophies. After learning about trend following, it was my natural inclination to learn about the other side of the spectrum as well, and so I also bought Victor Niederhoffer’s books and read his Daily Speculations blog. In the end, I know that if I am going to be a successful trader, I am going to have to find my edge on my own, but reading and listening to your words has been a huge benefit for me. I know it is often a challenge for people to break into finance without really knowing anyone, and I really believe that I may not have gotten the job I got without your work..Thanks a lot for the time. As long as you keep putting out new stuff, I’ll be reading and listening! Take care. Best, XXX

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