Attacking Faith?

From Chris comes a head scratcher:

“I will be the first to give you a passing grade for putting a face on the trendfollowing methodology. And I follow your site with a great deal of respect for the body of work you produce. I just can’t seem to understand why you seem to get so bent out shape when successful people credit God for their trading success or any success. If you don’t believe in anything but your own greateness, well, I can respect that. But, for those of us who respect your work, and also have an abiding faith in God–please stop attacking our faith.”

I did not know I was attacking Chris’ faith. I do believe attributing trading success to “God” (whatever that means for whoever’s religion) is illogical. Trading success, or any success for that matter, comes from hard work.

Another reader responded:

“Hi Michael-I feel I must come to your defense on this one. I guess I have followed your site for a year or so and to my way of thinking you have never attacked anyone’s faith or lack thereof. I remember sending you my remembrances of my friend xxx and his comments on people who displayed Bibles or worse pictures of Jesus in their offices. If I had to bet ole’ Chris probably has a big picture of Jesus in his office and I for one hope it helps him in his trading. In the Marine Corps we call folks like Chris REMF’S. If you are not familiar with the term I will send you the translation but I bet you know what it stands for!”

It is not my desire to have some big “faith” debate – to each his own. But when it comes to trading success…faith is not a reliable answer.