Smaller Minimums

Feedback on smaller minimum trend followers:

Hi Michael,

I’d like to offer a response and an option to Derek H. who was your first e-mail message today. I represent a fund by the name of Alexys Partners which is managed by Howard Cunningham of Cunningham Asset Management, Inc. Howard mentored with Ed Seykota for two years (1998-2000) and is a true trend follower. Alexys Partners started in Feb.’05, has a low minimum of $100K and is available only to accredited investors. Alexys Partners is listed with Please feel free to have Derek contact me at the address below. Michael, I also want to say that I really enjoy the work that you do. I would attribute my appreciation and understanding of the trend following discipline to both yours and Howard’s efforts. I’ve read your book and now give it to every prospective partner of our fund. Thanks and keep up the good work!

Best regards,

David B. Root Jr, CFP
D.B. Root & Company
Financial Planning
3100 Koppers Building
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

This is not a sales pitch from me as I don’t know David. Just seemed like good information to pass along.