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“Mainstream is for sellouts…”

Feedback in: Your work is great, Mike. Keep doing what you do, and how you do it. The fact that you keep one foot in obscurity, staying just under the radar – it’s like the old days of college radio.

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“What does the visualization do?”

Feedback in: Hi, Are all trend followers use spreadsheet alone to trade? Or they also use charts for visualization? I am having a hard time trading using spreadsheet alone and I tend to see a chart. It provides the visualization

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New FAQs for Trend Following Flagship

Here are some recent questions from multiple readers about Flagship that may help your decision making: Question: I have just recently come across your website and very interested in knowing a it more about your Trading System package. I have

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Trend Following Mailbag: April 13th Edition

Charles Faulkner has not only been a guest of mine on Trend Following Radio many times, but he also has been profiled in several of my books: — Perhaps you have heard the expression about living in the moment of

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Bill Ackman Feedback; Check the Ego!

Feedback in: Michael, Was on my daily post-trading hike, enjoying your Valeant podcast. As usual this one also very well done! You know, as I was listening it reminded me of an article I read a number of years back

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Trend Following Feedback: Perseverance

Feedback in: Michael, I cannot believe I have been investing and trading this long without knowing about you. My Dad started teaching me about the market when I was in high school. At the time our tools were the WSJ

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Trend Following Mailbag: April 6th Edition

You never know a trend until it is over. Consider an excerpt: Trend followers know that attempting to pinpoint the beginning of a trending market is futile. When trends begin, they often arise from a flat market that doesn’t appear

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