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The Australian Financial Review: David Harding

David Harding is one of the most successful trend followers alive. I have had the opportunity to meet with him several times. An excerpt from The Little Book of Trading: Who doesn’t want to make a billion dollars? Yes, I

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Trend Following Means Trade from Anywhere

Location independence is a huge upside to being a trader, particularly a trend follower. An excerpt from The Little Book of Trading: Years ago I interviewed for a trading job at Saloman Brothers in New York City. That was in

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Stick to Your Knitting: Discipline Is Number One

Creating a system and sticking with it is one of the hardest lessons. The struggle is shared across the trading world. An excerpt from “The Little Book of Trading”: If you learn anything from this book, let it be the

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Human Behavior: Core to Trend Following

Consider an excerpt from Trend Following: Perhaps not surprising, trend followers have spent as much time observing and understanding human behavior as they have trading. Understanding human behavior and how it relates with markets is commonly referred to as behavioral

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Quick Trend Following Q&A: Price and Volume

Price is key when trading. Consider from, Trend Commandments: Tell me something the “market” does not know. The idea that you can know enough about Apple, oil, GE, and gold to trade them all the same way may seem preposterous,

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Life as a Continuum Running on Loop Back and Forth from Risk to Reward

Life is a series of bets. Decisions on top of decisions. Choosing a trading strategy is one of those decisions to bet on. Consider an excerpt from Trend Commandments: You want to see life as a continuum running on a

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Blind and Calculated Risk: Where Do You Stand?

An excerpt from Trend Commandments: There are two kinds of risk: blind and calculated. The first one, blind risk, is always suspect. Blind risk is the calling card of laziness: the irrational hope, something for nothing, the cold twist of

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