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Michael Covel Biography

Michael Covel is president and founder of Trend Following™, a consulting firm focused on trend following trading strategies. The firm’s client base consists of individual traders, students, hedge funds, CTAs, pensions and family offices. The firm’s unique edge is an extensive personal network within the world of quantitative trend following investments.

A thought leader in the trend following space, Covel is the bestselling author of The Little Book of Trading, Trend Commandments, The Complete TurtleTrader, and the classic Trend Following. His books have been translated into 10+ languages and Trend Following was named best trading book of the last 15 years. His first film is Broke: The New American Dream.


Michael Covel is not Wall Street royalty. He is not part of the system. His credentials are not Goldman Sachs. No country club pedigree, or academic PhD. His background, his personal story, is one of struggle and ultimately triumph. Specifically, the struggle to figure out how great traders really make millions in up or down markets.

Long before ever making his first million Covel has always focused on one big question: Is there a better way? What he found was an investing strategy that did not require buy & hope, mutual funds, CNBC, Warren Buffett, indexing, bailouts or insider trading. As an outsider, Covel was able to discard “conventional” wisdom.

Building off his initial bootstrapping success, the original TurtleTrader®, Covel developed very creative methods to get close to the world’s great traders. They opened their doors because of his persistence. He went directly to the seat of knowledge and learned techniques of the great trend following traders, took that knowledge and distilled those lessons and best practices into a useful education to give everyone the chance at making big money.

Covel & his firm Trend Following™ have now worked for over a decade to deliver cutting edge & transformative solutions for aspiring clients worldwide. His unparalleled global teaching track record, with 6000+ clients in 70+ countries & 150,000+ books sold, has made him the respected trend following research & education solutions leader. His proprietary & robust trading systems answers:

  • What market do you buy or sell at any time?
  • When do you buy or sell a market?
  • How do you get out of a losing position?
  • How should you get out of a winning position?
  • How much do you bet on each trade?

Let’s face it head on: conventional investing strategies have killed investors over the last decade. Markets are not efficient and human beings are not rational. What you need are the tools to meet and beat the surprise events, uncertainty and chaos of the market. And that’s what trend following does: provides the rules needed to generate homerun profits. Skip the two-decade learning curve & benefit from Michael Covel’s expertise.

Note: How does Michael Covel pronounce his last name? Co-vell. “Co” rhymes with toe. “Vell” rhymes with bell. Equally accented each syllable. It was shortened from Covalesky, which was shortened originally from Kavaliauskas.

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