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The Trend Following Resource File

Checklists are critical for learning and daily trading operations. The new trend following trader checklist on this page was inspired by Atul Gawande’s book The Checklist Manifesto. His main point is simple: no matter how expert you may be, well-designed check lists improve outcomes. Let’s get started!

Free Trend Following Resources

These FREE resources are the 1st items to check off your checklist:

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Trend Following Resources on Amazon

These books and films are the 2nd items to check off your checklist:

  Michael Covel’s “Trend Commandments” (BOOK)

  Michael Covel’s “The Complete TurtleTrader” (BOOK)

  Michael Covel’s “Trend Following” (BOOK)

  Michael Covel’s “The Little Book of Trading” (BOOK)

  Michael Covel’s “Broke” (DVD)

  PBS Special: “Trillion Dollar Bet” (VHS)

Premium Training Checklist Items

For those students who want advanced trend following training, your 3rd checklist item:

  Trend Following Trading System & Course

More FREE Trend Following Resources

A great selection of FREE third party resources:

  Trend Following on Stocks  

  Graham Capital: Trend Following Risk & Return  

  David Hsieh & William Fung: Theory and Evidence  

  A Tail of Two Worlds: Fat Tails and Investing  

  Too Big to Fail?: Long-Term Capital Management  

  Bet Sizing Article by Ed Seykota and David Druz  

  Reasons to Consider Adding Managed Futures (Trend Following) to Your Portfolio  

  The Benefits of Managed Futures (Trend Following) 25 Years Later  

  Portfolio Diversification Opportunities  

  Gibbons Burke Article on Money Management  

  Frequency v. Magnitude White Paper  

  Edward O. Thorp: Beat the Dealer  

  Kelly’s Original Paper March 21, 1956  

  Contract Reference Guide  


  Faith in the Markets  

  Mini-Contracts Introduction  

  Futures Basics  

  Math Basics  

A great selection of third party videos:

  PBS Special: Trillion Dollar Bet

  PBS Special: The True Cost of the Bank Bailout

  PBS Special: Ten Trillion and Counting

  PBS Special: The Warning

  PBS Special: Inside the Meltdown

  PBS Special: Breaking the Bank

  PBS Special: Dot.Con

  PBS Special: The Crash

  PBS Special: Blackout

  PBS Special: The Wall Street Fix

  PBS Special: Bigger Than Enron

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