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Trend Following Resources for All Traders

Trend following can be a counterintuitive. It goes against the orthodoxy of buy and hold, fundamental analysis, value investing, Warren Buffett, EMH and Federal-Reserve-Trust-the-Government ZIRP policy. Further, it is not day trading, HFT, Elliott wave or candlestick patterns. All market prediction strategies are false narratives.

Trend following is something different. Trend following reacts to market movements.

And to get you started with a base understanding of trend following, to start that education to something different, we have compiled a wide selection of my favorite free and near free resources that serve as a fantastic first step toward trend following success.

There is some order to this page, but feel free to explore.

Michael Covel Trend Following Resources

  • NEW Michael Covel Feature: English PDF | German PDF.
  • Watch my trend following video. This is a free video with a legendary trend following trader. He started with nothing.
  • Listen to my podcast. I started my podcast with zero expectations, but now with 2M+ listens and appearances by 4 Nobel Prize winners, it is a full blown addiction.
  • Wake Up Call (PDF).
  • Your Trading Edge Michael Covel Feature (PDF).
  • Market Technicians Association Michael Covel Feature (PDF).
  • Active Trader Michael Covel Feature (PDF).
  • Michael Covel personal motivation note.

3rd Party Trend Following Resources

  • Turtles in the WSJ (PDF).
  • A Century of Evidence on Trend-Following Investing (PDF).
  • Two Centuries of Trend Following (PDF).
  • Economics Needs a Scientific Revolution (PDF).
  • Origins of Trend Following (PDF).
  • Zero Sum Nature of Markets (PDF).
  • PBS Special: Trillion Dollar Bet (VHS).
  • Trend Following on Stocks (PDF).
  • Graham Capital: Trend Following Risk & Return (PDF).
  • David Hsieh & William Fung: Theory and Evidence (PDF).
  • A Tail of Two Worlds: Fat Tails and Investing (PDF).
  • Too Big to Fail?: Long-Term Capital Management (PDF).
  • Bet Sizing Article by Ed Seykota and David Druz (PDF).
  • Gibbons Burke Article on Money Management (PDF).
  • Frequency v. Magnitude (PDF).
  • Kelly’s Original Paper March 21, 1956 (PDF).
  • Decision-Making (PDF).
  • Faith in the Markets (PDF).
  • Mini-Contracts Introduction (PDF).
  • Futures Basics (PDF).
  • Trading Math Basics (PDF).

Michael Covel Books and Film

  • Trend Commandments (BOOK).
  • The Complete TurtleTrader (BOOK).
  • Trend Following (BOOK).
  • The Little Book of Trading (BOOK).
  • Broke: The New American Dream (FILM).
  • Michael Covel favorite books.

Once you have digested a healthy dose of this page, and if you want to take the next step with full support, we offer money-making solutions for beginner to pro.

Note: Checklists are critical for learning and daily trading operations. The checklist of resources on this page was inspired by Atul Gawande’s book The Checklist Manifesto. His main point is simple: no matter how expert you may be, well-designed check lists improve outcomes. Start checking off the list above.

Covel Books & Film
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