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Trend Following Goes By Many Names

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Hi Michael, I just sent you a friend request, I don’t really use Facebook, not very schooled up on appropriate. Facebook told me I should know you personally to friend you…guess I’ll find out.

You’re on it. I have been listening to you for the past couple months and all I have to say is AMEN brother. Trend following has always been my goal though it hasn’t been until recently I knew it as “trend following”. I’d love to chat sometime but I know you’re a busy guy bringing to light the best for a lot of people.

Learning/trading/systems testing has been my life for the last year and a half. Lonely…nobody gets it. And yet, they are all heading for the same inevitable retirement scenario…there isn’t one, at least for your conventional 9-5er’s. I could rant, but you know it already…

At the sure chance I’ll be preaching to the choir, I would love to hear something on managing 401k’s from a trend following perspective. There are some interesting challenges in 401K’s. Holding periods/penalties and most only offer a specific list of investment options. This is something I am currently beginning to work on for mine and my wife’s retirement accounts, I am sure I can increase the returns with backtested timing models.

Anyway, thanks for your work.


Welcome! Some retirement information on the podcast in the near future. Good point.

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One comment on “Trend Following Goes By Many Names
  1. Jim Rohrbach says:

    Justin: All you really need to know, to manage your money, is when the trend of the market changes direction. I call it Market Timing and I have been accurately doing that for over 40 years. Then pick an investment vehicle like the S&P 500 and go back to sleep. Michael has some kind words to say about me on my web page. I am willing to help you and anyone else.
    Jim Rohrbach, RIA

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