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“You certainly know how to connect the dots and express them with clarity and passion.”

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Michael, In one of your recent podcasts you pointed out Japanese investors and their risk aversion vs. their market’s performance over the past decades. When you next made the accusation that the same thing was happening among Americans you nailed it! It is exactly what is happening here, and, as you pointed out, it goes far beyond just investing in markets. You certainly know how to connect the dots and express them with clarity and passion. I only discovered your podcast a couple months ago but must say that I enjoy your insights and perspective while, alternately, so many other podcasts are so narrowly focused on what the S&P 500 will do in the next day-week-whatever. I find your thinking about how we engage the world around us similar to my own philosophy and will continue to listen and enjoy. Thank you for sharing. Regards,
Steven R.
Deerfield, IL USA

Thanks Steven. Appreciate the kind words.

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