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“What is next on the to do list?”

Feedback in: Hey Michael, The long delay was due to working, moving, broken laptop, tests and the list goes on. The good news is I have “Linchpin: Are you Indispensable?” and “Unlimited Power”, finally finished waaay longer than I had

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“Why Do You Like My Podcast?”

A recent email exchange: Listener: Michael, Just found your podcast and I’m really enjoying it. Covel: Thanks! Why do you like it? Starting steps for more? Go here. Listener: Why do I like your podcast? If you are actually interested,

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Feedback in: By the way, I [forgot to take] the opportunity to really thank you for your multiple initiatives (trend-following website, books and podcasts…) The quality of the interviews and content is really amazing, and your drive to dig deep

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Follow the Trend…But!

Great rant: Follow the Trend ……… But!!! We can never stand in the way of market moves – nobody is big enough aside from those with the deepest of all pockets and even then their luck may just run out?

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Ep. 520: Take the Lid Off with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio

Subscribe to Trend Following Radio on iTunes Michael starts the podcast quoting from a recent blog post of Seth Godin’s called “The Candy Diet.” Most people want a Guru or someone to spoon feed them something, anything. They want to

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Trading Food for Thought: January 15th Edition

Food for thought: But where did the algorithm come from? Six Questions for Shane Parrish Physics Envy and the Taxonomy of Uncertainty Thoughts on Proposed Corporate Tax Reform Great to See You Active Management – Are You Still Alive? Advisors:

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Ep. 519: Another Mega Trend Following Episode with Michael Covel on Trend Following Episode

Subscribe to Trend Following Radio on iTunes Michael releases another mega episode with three trend following traders: Chris Cruden, Salem Abraham and Brian Proctor. Chris Cruden has been in the trend following space for over 25 years. In 1988 he

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